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By | June 16, 2020

USB Disk Security is a program designed to detect any virus before it can infect your memory card.

By nature, USB drives are prone to infection. You put them on other people’s computers, share them with your friends, and give them to people for their files and downloads, so it’s not surprising that when you use them, there is a risk that they could infect your computer with something nasty .

After installing USB Disk Security, it starts automatically when you install a flash drive. It checks for infections and provides some other features, such as a list of programs that automatically start at startup. USB Disk Security has other features, such as a USB scanner and recovery options, but they are not available in the trial version.

USB Disk Security Crack + License Key

USB Disk Security Crack + Serial Key Free Download

After minimizing, USB Disk Security will remain silent on the taskbar. From this menu you can enable and disable automatic scanning, as well as update the program. The limitations of the trial version of USB Disk Security are a bit disappointing, but the program is so discreet and effective in scanning recently inserted USB drives that it’s worth downloading anyway.

A USB drive is a common source of infection with potentially dangerous content, but many antivirus programs cannot efficiently detect malware from USB drives. USB Disk Security provides the best protection against any threat when using USB drives. The main function of USB Disk Security is to protect your computer from viruses and malware that can penetrate through a connected USB device.

USB Disk Security Activation Key Features:

100% protection against any malware via USB drive
It uses innovative technologies to block known and unknown threats through a USB drive. Supports USB flash drive, flash drive, secure digital card, flash drive, pen drive, removable drive, iPod, and more.

The best solution to protect your computer offline
Other antivirus software should regularly update virus databases, and they cannot effectively protect independent computers that are not connected to the Internet. When new viruses, worms, and other malicious attacks appear, traditional signatures are not enough. Every minute, waiting for virus signatures to update, a vulnerability window is created that can be devastating. USB Disk Security uses advanced proactive detection methods and closes the vulnerability window that other reactive signature-based responses leave.

Data Protection
Provide a high level of protection against theft and accidental disclosure of confidential data. This feature can prevent unauthorized people from copying data to USB storage devices and can also stop threats from a USB storage device.

The fastest and easiest security software in the world.
The program does not need to sacrifice speed for detection and scanning. Compare antivirus software and you will find USB DiskSecurity to be one of the lightest applications in the industry.

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Compatible with other security software and all popular Windows platforms
Incompatibility between antivirus programs is a problem; However, it is fully compatible with other security software. Supports Windows 10, 8 and 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003.

Easy to use
It was specially designed to work efficiently, regardless of the level of knowledge of the user’s computer. Just install it and forget it.

Protect your computer from malicious software that could compromise the integrity of your system via USB and visit your favorite web pages safely.

Security is the most neglected important aspect of computers when it comes to home users. While many users use security packages or standalone antivirus / antispyware software, they don’t add up to most.

Claims to keep USB storage devices safe

USB Disk Security’s goal is to provide an application that helps protect you from potential malware that spreads via USB drives that connect to your computer at some point. It also prevents curious people from obtaining your personal data and copying it to your USB drives.

Programs boast that they use advanced proactive detection methods that keep threats at bay by closing the window of opportunity left by traditional antivirus software based on definition updates. USB Disk Security is also known as working in perfect harmony with any other security solution.

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Some design flaws

USB Shield appears every time a threat is detected, allowing you to remove it, and also to safely open your USB drive without causing a possible virus. This is where the credibility of this software is first tested, because any modified `autorun.inf` files present on your flash drive are automatically marked as” risky “.

This is due to the nature of the detection method, which does not actually scan the contents of the `autorun.inf` file for malicious code, regardless of what it contains in addition to the default line, for this application it is sufficient to recommend removal immediate. This is a big black ball, since USB Disk Security requires a few dollars.

Misleading scanning procedure

You can scan a USB flash drive and apply the USB vaccine to it by disabling the automatic start function in the USB scan area. Once again, the application cannot even detect the main virus-infected items on a USB drive and, furthermore, it does not provide you with a selection menu for inserted drives.

Far from being such a professional

These two flawed and completely ineffective software features make it an aura along with positive evidence that reality has been faced. At this point, you may start to feel cheated and look for something else – this is the best you can do.

If anything consoles you, USB Disk Security can lock your USB ports or flash drive to prevent unauthorized users from stealing data or even connecting your USB flash drives to your computer. System tools consist of utilities like disk cleanup, system recovery, or startup list utilities. The files you choose to delete on the USB Shield are encrypted and placed in the Quarantine section.

USB Disk Security Registration key System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Hard Disk Space: 25 MB of free space required.
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB of RAM required.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or better.

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